Environmental Engineering

One of the main areas of FDAE’s expertise is solid waste engineering. FDAE is exceptionally well-qualified in the area of landfill design, monitoring and permitting, with a full staff of engineers and technicians specifically trained in solid waste management and environmental engineering. Combined, FDAE’s principals have prepared and submitted more than 60 solid waste permit applications, modification applications, and renewal applications in Louisiana alone.

Some of our capabilities are listed below.

Solid Waste Management

  • Design of New or Expanding Type I (Industrial), Type II (MSW), and Type III (C&D) Landfills, Surface Impoundments, and Monofills
  • Subsurface Environmental, Hydrogeologic, and Geotechnical Investigations
  • Synthetic and Traditional Engineered Liner and Cap Design
  • Leachate, Stormwater, and Gas Management Systems Design
  • Groundwater Monitoring System Design
  • Borrow Source Studies
  • Construction Oversight and QA/QC Services
  • Construction Certification Reporting
  • Alternative Landfill Design
  • Piggyback Landfill Design
  • Bioreactor Design for New, Existing or Closed Landfills
  • Leachate Recirculation System Design
  • Vertical and Horizontal Expansions
  • Alternative Liner Systems and Leachate Collection Systems
  • Alternative Solid Waste Facilities
  • Transfer Facility Design and Permitting
  • E&P Waste Facility Design and Permitting
  • Material Recovery Facility Design and Permitting


  • Landfill Master Plans and Phasing Plans
  • Groundwater Sample Collection and Statistical Analysis
  • CADD Cell Volume Calculations, Compaction Study, and Site Life Analyses
  • Daily/Interim Cover Soil Strategies and Solutions
  • Stormwater Management and Erosion Control Assistance and Design
  • Wastewater and Leachate Treatment Assessment and Design
  • Stormwater, Wastewater, and Leachate Monitoring and Reporting
  • Slope and Excavation Stability Analysis
  • Subgrade and Waste Settlement Analysis
  • Construction Surveying and Nuclear Density Gauge Testing
  • Construction Bid Package Preparation
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Project Scheduling

Environmental Services

  • Solid Waste Standard Permit Application Preparation
  • Stormwater, Leachate, and Wastewater Permitting and Planning Assistance (LPDES and SWPPP)
  • Groundwater Monitoring and Reporting
  • Air Permitting, Monitoring, and Reporting Services
  • Wetlands Permitting and Mitigation Assistance
  • Spill Pollution Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
  • Annual Solid Waste Certification Reporting
  • Regulatory Agency Liaison

Real Estate Services

  • Landfill and Transfer Station Siting Studies
  • Alternative Sites Analysis
  • Due Diligence Assessments
  • Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I and Phase II)


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certified

Small Business (Hudson Initiative) Certified

Small and Emerging Business Development (SEBD) Program Certified

ACEC of Louisiana

LELAP Accredited Lab

AASHTO Accredited Lab

CCRL Participant

USACE Validated Lab

Licensed to practice engineering in Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

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